Real CF on Ubuntu FS-UAE

Configuration NOT officially supported (to date) on the official website.
Open the promt, list the connected drives with: sudo fdisk -l Identified your CF (in this case / dev / sdc)
Open the FS-UAE configuration file (under the documents folder, fs-uae, configurations, in some cases the path is: / snap / fsuae / common / FS-UAE / Configurations).
Edit the file of your basic configuration, inserting or modifying the line of your HD,
in the specific case:
hard_drive_0 = / dev / sdc
Run the command sudo chmod a + rw / dev / sdc (unit of our case), to give complete control.
Launch emulator, your physical CF, will be available under FS-UAE.
It is NOT possible to use AMIGA partition programs, without changing ownership of the SCSI DEVICE in SCSI_DEVICE_NAME = uaehf.device of the partition program (HDToolbox).


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