I would like to point out an interesting utility to automatically convert and DECRIPT old Amiga .DMS files

If, as in my case, you found an old Amiga program and then you had the bitter surprise, that was ENCRYPTED, this program is for you.

In addition to converting .DMS to .ADF formats very quickly, it turned out to be fantastic for cracking passwords!
The functions of the program are different, I limited myself to opening the desired file and running the conversion, it did EVERYTHING by itself!

Main feature:
- Support in reading of ADF, ADZ, DMS and ABB (bootblock) files
- Preliminary support for Warp files
- Conversion to ADF
- Automatic decryption of protected DMS
- Bug workaround for some bugged DMS
- Extraction of additional content for DMS
- Fusion of several files (to apply a DMS patch or join a DMS file divided into parts)
- Comparison and identification with TOSEC database
- Search engine in the TOSEC database (standard ADF only)
- Recognition of bootblock
- Support for ABR (Amiga Bootblock Reader) database by jasonver2.0
- Viewing or extract files on the disk as well as their health status
- Identification of some viruses/trojan/link-virus (but this is not an antivirus!)
- Fix some damage (Saddam virus, Pestilence virus, overflow bootblock)
- Batch mode
- Other stuff more or less useful
- 100% written in PureBasic