BBS BayA News!
An interesting thing in my opinion (in addition to the contents that will then be better filtered) is the possibility of directly downloading .prg to be used immediately. This function expects to have connected at least one DRIVE on which to copy the program. For owners of the ModemWiFi + Cartridge KIT, the procedure is even simpler as the communication software starts directly from the cartridge and you just need floppies or a free SD2IEC for storage!
BBS is under development, so there will be sudden changes in appearance and content. You can start using it either from real C64, or with Windows or Linux SyncTERM software!



I'm trying to use this BBS, unfortunately all i see in SyncTerm (Windows 10) are junk characters. I am using the Telnet protocol. I tried different speeds but with no luck.

It is working fine...tried just now....Use 9999 port, telnet protocol, screen mode C64, font Commodore 64 (lower)

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