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Amiga Rubber Foot

Code: SJ5012-9-ND
Manufacturer: 3M
Manufacturer code: SJ-5012 (WHITE)
Detailed description: Cylindrical bumper, conical Diam 0,500 "(12,70mm) White Polyurethane

Measures 12.7 x 3.5 mm

Amiga list games compatible to 4 Players Adapter.

6-Tris , Adrenalynn ,Air Taxi ,Back 2 the Roots ,Ballistic Diplomacy ,Base Jumpers ,Blitz Bombers ,Blitz Tennis ,Blob ,Gravity ,Bruce Lee ,Bug Bomber ,Burn Out ,Carnage ,Cold Blooded Murder ,Crossfire II ,Dogfight Simulator 1.5 , Dynablaster, Dynamite Warriors 2.0 ,FireFlies ,FirePower ,FlatMates ,Flyin' High, Fourmaze ,Gauntlet 2 ,Great Courts 2 ,Hired Guns ,International Soccer (MicroDeal) , James Bond ,Kargon ,Kick Off 2 ,KnockOut 2 ,Laser Bikes ,Leatherneck ,Manchester United Europe ,Master Blaster , Max Rally ,MegaBlast ,Megatron, MineRunner ,Monsters of Terror ,Over The Net , Poweroid

VirtualBox and AmigaExplorer

To connect the serial under Linux to virtual machines (Virtualbox), you need to enable the serial in the VirtualBox emulator.

Open the virtual machine configuration, enable the serial and connect it to HOST (insert in the path line / dev / ttyS0 in case it is Com1).

Next, you need to enable the write and read permissions with the following command:

sudo chmod 666 / dev / ttyS0

Real CF on Ubuntu FS-UAE

Configuration NOT officially supported (to date) on the official website.
Open the promt, list the connected drives with: sudo fdisk -l Identified your CF (in this case / dev / sdc)
Open the FS-UAE configuration file (under the documents folder, fs-uae, configurations, in some cases the path is: / snap / fsuae / common / FS-UAE / Configurations).
Edit the file of your basic configuration, inserting or modifying the line of your HD,
in the specific case:
hard_drive_0 = / dev / sdc

WinUAE, CF Amiga

to read CF under emulator, change from SCSI_DEVICE_NAME = scsi.device to SCSI_DEVICE_NAME = uaehf.device, HDtoolbox .... If missing, enter ..

For HDInstTools provided in the floppy (download area), change or activate DEVICE = scsi.device in DEVICE = uaehf.device