Recensioni e articoli

Adattatore PAD MEGADRIVE to Commodore C64/Amiga

For those who wish to use the MEGADRIVE joypad in complete safety rather than the classic joystick on Commodore 64 or Amiga, we recommend this adapter that sees the Sega Megadrive joypad as the protagonist.

Amiga 500 Wicher first test.

For lovers of RETRO tweaking, here is the first information tested in the field, I hope it will be useful to you ...

Amiga 500 1MB CHIP MOD. REV6A AGNUS 8372A

This article is intended as a personal confirmation of the success of this change (already dealt with in several groups), adding a small tested variant.

F1 Manager MS-DOS.

Dopo vari tentativi sono riuscito finalmente a far funzionare questo "software", ringrazio il sempre disponibile Antonio Mazzanti (aka Randall Flagg) per aver raggirato il tedioso sistema di protezione (presente a ogni gran premio finito) che non


Today we do a little long article, but it is worth making some considerations about AMIGA, CLASSICWB, ROM and CF!