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Null modem schematics for Connect PC to Amiga

Pin layout of the serial cables.

  9 - 9 Serial       9 - 25 Serial      25 - 25 Serial

   2 ====== 3         2 ======= 2         2 ======= 3

Send ADF from PC to Amiga 500

1. Any amiga with a serial port and a copy of Workbench.
2. A PC with a terminal proggie such as "ADF Sender Terminal".

ClassicWB setting GAMES and DEMOS directory.

If like me you are a fan of ClassicWB and have placed the games (for space reasons) in different partitions (compared to the original configuration), you need to modify the paths to make everything work correctly ...

SD2IEC fatta in casa!

Buongiorno a tutti,
parliamo di SD2IEC.

LIGHTGUN Defender64 e Monitor Commodore!

LIGHTGUN Defender64 and Commodore Monitor!