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EasyFlash3 EasyTransfer DCM!

This short tutorial wants to be an addition to the excellent article by Dani Hibari (viewable at this link), where the features of EasyFlash3 are dealt with. In this, we will cover some useful PC side software.

Pixel Art on C64

#Pixelart Contest C64

Joystick usb, albatros like for MiSTEr or emulators.

A new project from our friend Juri Fossaroli. Home Made Joystick usb, Albatros like for MiSTEr or emulators.
Usb with all buttons programmable, case in 3D, filling 100% Albatros like!

Amiga / Commodore 64 Joystick wiring diagram

On the net there are different schemes, but often we get lost in understanding how the PINs are read!
This diagram shows exactly how the connectors are numbered, both from the solder side and from the front view.

XUM1541 How to flash Arduino Pro Micro (m32U4) AVRDUDE and more!

Ci sono diversi tutorial in rete riguardo a come programmare Adruino Pro Micro, ma se non siete pratici o se avete problemi di librerie mancanti/programmi e firmware 100% testati, questo tutorial dovrebbe farvi risparmiare tempo.