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Amiga SDBOX BayA made.

Finally I managed to finish, this excellent product, specially designed for Amiga 500 smooth, kick 1.3, based on niklasekstrom's project.

AMIGA 600 ACA620 e pcmcia friendly

AMIGA 600 ACA620 is pcmcia friendly.
I had already checked this condition, but following a post on Retroacademy, I wanted to double check!

Epyx FastLoad why you?

Goodmorning everyone.
Why Epyx FastLoad?

Monitor Commodore 1084s D1 vs. TV SONY trinitron 14"

I often read in the groups that the old Sony Trinitron CRT TVs are the best to be used with retro computers, in fact today the market offers only the new LCD TVs, which do not go well with our retro machines.

EasyFlash3 the buttons.

Here we are again talking about EasyFlash3, this time we want to give you some basic information, which will save you time; the BUTTONS!