Recensioni e articoli

Commodore TouchPAD, KOALA, MOUSE 1351, JOY and PC USB TouchPAD

Based on JanDerogee's CommoPAD open source project, here's a prototype with a new PCB and new design by The Shark!

Decathlon-Station Commodore Amiga MSX PAD

PREVIEW Decathlon-Station
A new TOP quality 3D printed product for Amiga, Commodore, MSX.

You can use for playing games like Track&Field, Decathlon and more,

All printed in 3D, boxed as usual. TOP quality by TheShark!

SEGA MegaDrive controllers adapter!

This USB adapter allows you to use two SEGA MegaDrive controllers using a USB port on your PC (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), Raspberry PI or MiSTer.
It is also possible to use a passive Joystick for Commodore 64 (without autofire).


BBS BayA News!

WiFi Modem C64 DNS problems

The internet is now full of articles dealing with WiFi modems, this short tutorial wants more than anything else to leave traces of a problem encountered; the resolution of the names of the BBS!

Amiga SDBOX BayA made.

Finally I managed to finish, this excellent product, specially designed for Amiga 500 smooth, kick 1.3, based on niklasekstrom's project.