Commodore TouchPAD, KOALA, MOUSE 1351, JOY and PC USB TouchPAD

Based on JanDerogee's CommoPAD open source project, here's a prototype with a new PCB and new design by The Shark!

Decathlon-Station Commodore Amiga MSX PAD

PREVIEW Decathlon-Station
A new TOP quality 3D printed product for Amiga, Commodore, MSX.

You can use for playing games like Track&Field, Decathlon and more,

All printed in 3D, boxed as usual. TOP quality by TheShark!

SEGA MegaDrive controllers adapter!

This USB adapter allows you to use two SEGA MegaDrive controllers using a USB port on your PC (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), Raspberry PI or MiSTer.
It is also possible to use a passive Joystick for Commodore 64 (without autofire).