WiFi Modem C64 DNS problems

The internet is now full of articles dealing with WiFi modems, this short tutorial wants more than anything else to leave traces of a problem encountered; the resolution of the names of the BBS!

If you have done everything correctly (modem configured, CCGMS software activated) but writing the name of the BBS (and its port), the modem continues to give error messages, try to enter the IP of the BBS in the specific field of the software communication (obtaining it in some way through PING or programs via a PC), if by doing so, you are able to connect, the problem could lie in your ADSL router or in the WIFI access point!

The C64 WiFi modem expects to activate a DHCP or to enter a fixed IP, but there is no DNS field, therefore, if your access point is not configured correctly, you could NOT send a DNS address on the WiFi (field that maybe managed by hand on the PC board).

The DNS servers are also run through the GATEWAY, so you have to configure everything you need inside the device that acts as GATEWAY and make sure that with a DHCP enabled (test it on a PC), a valid DNS address also arrives. Then make sure, always using a PC set with a fixed IP and as DNS field, the IP of the gateway, that it continues to browse (maybe switch the PC off and on again to be sure).


if we have an access point that acts as a gateway with your WiFi modem, with address, configured correctly, or with DNS addresses entered in the correct fields, by setting your PC address in the DNS field (as well as in the gateway field), you should surf from a PC .... At this point your C64 WiFi modem should receive everything you need through DHCP.

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