Send ADF from PC to Amiga 500

1. Any amiga with a serial port and a copy of Workbench.
2. A PC with a terminal proggie such as "ADF Sender Terminal".
3. Null-modem serial cable (or LapLink cable).
Amiga Setup:
Set the Serial preferences as follows..
Baud Rate = 19200
Buffer Size = 4096
Read Bits = 8
Write Bits = 8
Stop Bits = 1
Parity = None
Handshaking = RTS/CTS
The transfer is most reliable at 19200 bps, any higher and the data sent may be more or less than expected.
PC Setup:
Install ADF Sender Terminal and configure the serial preferences to match the Amiga's, then open the Comm port.
PC ADF -> Amiga DF0:
Amiga: [CLI/SHELL]
transdisk -w ser: -d trackdisk 0
PC: [ADF Sender Terminal]
Press Send and select the ADF you wish to transfer to the floppy disk in drive DF0:
Amiga DF0: -> PC ADF
PC: [ADF Sender Terminal]
Enter the size of the destination file, for every track it's 11264 bytes, so tracks 0 through 79 is (11264 * 80) 901120 bytes, then click on Receive.
Amiga: [CLI/SHELL]
transdisk >ser: -d trackdisk 0


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