SD512 MSX/MSX2/MSX2+/Turbo-R Computers

I open this short tutorial for using this SD Card on MSX1, as I took a moment to install and hope it will be of help to others.
On MSX1 the first thing to do is to set ALL SWITCHES to RIGHT, in ReadmeFirst.txt they explain the functions and explain that in fact on MSX1 (with little RAM), it is necessary to put the RAM switch (the second starting from the right) to right.
Once this is done you have to insert the SD (preferably small size) turn on your MSX and issue the following commands:
In this way you access the partition program inserted in the cartridge (it is part of the NEXTOR system included in the cartridge itself) and you can prepare the SD following the instructions (and the attached photos). Without this preparation I was unable to BOOT from SD, so first partition the SD and then copy all the software in the Boot_Files folder to ROOT; it may be that with some SDs this procedure is not needed.
Already having these certainties, it was not easy, in fact the card comes out without manuals and a neophyte, does not know how to move with the SWITCHES, which are essential to start NEXTOR.SYS.
Once the SD has been prepared, copy through the PC, all the files present in the Boot_Files folder, in the SD just prepared, at this point your SD is ready to BOOT on MSX. If you have BOOT problems after removing or putting files, redo the partitioning procedure and redo everything from scratch.
The second phase is also to copy the SofaRUN program (always present below), all in the root (for not knowing how to read and write), recover a ROM for MSX, copy it to the ROOT and run the SR (SofaRUN) command. If you put other files, don't use long names or strange characters, use short names and classic characters for old DOS file systems.
If everything is fine, the SOFARUN software opens with which you can select the program and launch it directly.


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