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#Pixelart Contest C64

With Tiziano these days we gave ourselves a little challenge and we shared some "tricks" on pixel art on the Commodore 64.
The program we used for these tests is the versatile and free Multipaint by Dr. TerrorZ which among other things allows you to create pixel art for other platforms, including ZX Spectrum, Plus 4, CPC, MSX and Atari ST.

1) the basis for a decent dithering. I attach to the article a simple image that shows a basic dithering in b / w
2) How to take advantage of the shades of the C64 palette. I am attaching another image with the tonal combinations of the C64.

Tiziano chose the cover of Elvira from the Amiga version as a starting point.

I advised Tiz to clean up the first version of his C64 conversion and start from scratch with dithering. The result, as you will see, was much better.

Doing the tests with Multipaint to give some tips to Tiz I tried it too. The choice of colors is personal! Tiz went more gray, me more brown!

Tiz's very good idea was the addition of lightning and a ground / horizon line that gives a lot of depth to the pic.

My version came let's say more Mediterranean and tanned. That of Tiz, is definitely more vampire!

On request I can provide a zip with the executable prg for those who want to try to "launch" on Vice, TheC64 or even better on real hardware, on a CRT monitor or on a CRT TV you will get the best visual results.



voto per TIZ!

Grazie Marcello. ;-)

molto bella

Grazie Marcello. ;-) ;-) ;-)

Quale software usate??

E' scritto nell'articolo. Comunque, se ti è sfuggito, il programma si chiama Multipaint, di Dr. TerrorZ.
Permette di creare pixel art anche per altre piattaforme, tra cui ZX Spectrum, Plus 4, CPC, MSX e Atari ST.

Multipaint (c'è scritto all'inizio :-) )

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