Years later I have to change my mind about the standard MSX machines (which I have always snubbed), in this case we are talking about the VG8020 which in fact also from the construction point of view, while we have on the one hand a really well made product, on the other (C64) we have a more battle machine. As a neophyte of MSX I tell you right away that I found the concept of DOS (very similar to PC-MSDOS), inserted in the MSX, very interesting today; if at the time the average user I think snubbed this function, now at least me, I appreciate the idea. In practice, already with a standard MSX machine, one could study the basics of what one would later find on PC DOS.

For now I have not delved into BASIC and other functions, from the point of view GAMES on 8020 (MSX1) seem to me more scarce than those on C64, although many games have its charm on this machine (which we remember, uses a Z80). Audio still to be understood well, I don't think comparable to the SID, but I have seen some videos that exploit the yamaha chip in a noteworthy way. Very nice the concept of power supply incorporated on the VG8020, excellent I / O ports, fantastic frontal JOY sockets. A great car I would say ...

In the next few articles, I would like to post some comparative tests of these retro cars, time permitting!


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