Monitor Commodore 1084s D1 vs. TV SONY trinitron 14"

I often read in the groups that the old Sony Trinitron CRT TVs are the best to be used with retro computers, in fact today the market offers only the new LCD TVs, which do not go well with our retro machines.
Many users are desperately looking for a way to connect the rear machines to the new LCDs, but the result is nothing short of painful as I see it; no converter can give the same performance as a real CRT.
However, I wanted to verify how much it is true that these TVs are excellent to be used, comparing it with a Commodore MONITOR, if in fact the competition with an LCD does not exist (in favor of the CRT TV), with a monitor it is quite different.

Let's come to the comparisons:
Both were connected in RGB, the TV using the SCART, the monitor using the specific RGB cable provided. We immediately notice a difference in the colors, they are more saturated in the TV (better for games), but there is always an excessive halo of color in the TV, which could annoy in prolonged use; However, it must be considered that with the TV it is still possible to adjust them, while with the RGB monitor, it is no longer possible to adjust the color in RGB mode!
Brightness: also in this case the TV is more modifiable, in fact being an accessory made to see the images from a distance, it has a decidedly higher adjustment factor, but it must be considered that usually, you "work" in front of the monitor, therefore it makes no sense to raise the brightness too much.
Definition: here in my opinion, we have to give several points to the monitor, in fact we have a much higher definition of the character and images in the monitor (even if the photos do not render, I assure you that the monitor is more defined), but the real difference in terms of quality can be verified by raising the Amiga resolution by means of the interlaced modes.
INTERLACE: this type of resolution I tell you right away that it is UNUSABLE even in the monitor unless you like to hurt yourself, but it is always less worse than how you would see it on TV. If in fact it would also be possible to use it with a monitor, it is almost impossible with a TV, you will have a very high flicker!

Bottom line, the Trinitron CRT TV is 100 times better than any LCD with any adapter, the colors are very bright, great brightness and good contrast will definitely entertain you. The monitor is less loaded with colors, less suitable for playful use, but more suitable for productive use, perhaps even with interlaced resolutions.
Considering that the monitor 1084 compared to the small Sony TV is also STEREO and has another input (to connect for example a C64), I think the monitor is still the winner, but I think you already knew!
Happy retro tinkering!
The Shark!



Ottimo confronto.
In effetti, pochi valutano il fatto che in genere il display utilizzato coi computer è in genere a poche decine di centimetri di nostri occhi; i monitor sono progettati anche per questo, a differenza delle TV che, generalmente, vengono usate su distanze maggiori.

Grazie tiz, esattamente...Poi il fattore definizione carattere, in ambiente lavorativo si nota, anche l'alone di colore non è il massimo per ambiente produttivo. Il monitor rimane la scelta migliore per lavorare, il TV la scelta migliore per giocare.

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