EasyFlash3 the buttons.

Here we are again talking about EasyFlash3, this time we want to give you some basic information, which will save you time; the BUTTONS!
In fact, many of us bought this cartridge from our friend on duty, therefore without a manual and, although it is easy to use, starting knowing what the buttons do is helpful ...

If opening the main menu is quite easy (the first button on the left shows the word MENU '), the SPECIAL key could put us in crisis, in fact for newcomers to this type of cartridges, the SPECIAL key may not be clear. ..
Let's reveal this arcane right away, the SPECIAL key is used by all the other cartridges that you are going to load, such as the ACTION REPLAY. In practice, if you, through the EasyFlash3 MENU, go to load a rom cartridge .crt, (Action Replay specifically), that will be the key to press to then enter the special functions of that cartridge!
Therefore, when the EasyFlash3 is turned on, the menu of the card itself appears, if you load a game or a kernal, you can return to the EasyFlash3 menu by pressing the MENU button, if instead you load an Action Replay type cartridge, to then access the special features of that cartridge (such as cheating a game and saving it to tape), you will have to press the SPECIAL key.

The RESET button resets your Commodore64, or brings you back to the list of last selected games.
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