Commoedore C16 JOYSTICK adapter

In order not to throw away, what could become useful, I made an adapter for JOYSTICK 9PIN (those used in the C64 or VIC 20) for Commodore 16. This adapter was obtained from the piece of cable used to make the JOY BaYA MADE, therefore, if you do not have the same cable, probably the colors of the wires are to be checked (below you have the generic diagram). If you did like me, that is, you took an extension for PAD MEGADRIVE to replace, for example, an old JOY cable, you can use the flying male piece to make the adapter beautifully clean, following the color code (however, check which is better) .

To make the adapter, you need a MINI DIN 8 connector, the length of the JOY cable (or alternatively, a 9-pole male D-SUB connector).

Good job!


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