Commodore Amiga Drive Esterno 1011

Here is in our opinion the most beautiful DRIVE built (in terms of aesthetics) by MAMMA Commodore. For those who do not know this external drive mounts inside, a NORMAL CHINON drive for A500 usually mounted as an internal drive in the 500 and this BOX has NO electronics to manage it, but simple cable connection!
In fact, most of the external drives (clones) use PC drives, therefore you need a minimum of electronics to manage them, not because, A) the drive is native to Amiga, B) this external drive does not provide a second pass-through drive .
Probably one of the reasons why there are only WIRED diagrams on the internet that allow you to connect an Amiga drive is due to the fact that with this original Amiga drive it is possible to create an external drive WITHOUT any electronics.


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