Amiga 600+ACA620 MAPROM

Finally I find the time to do two tests on this accelerator card for Amiga600, the idea was to check if there were commands to speed it up, but the only possibility (for this card) is given by MAPROM .....

For those who do not know it, ACA620 is a "cheap" internal card for Amiga600, which plugs directly into the processor, offers a total of 16 mb ram (manageable via software), some visible from WB (max. 10), others as ram disk ...

ACA620 is equipped with a 68EC020 processor at 16.67 Mhz and is extremely small in size; this last feature allows you to install a QUAD kickstart in the 600 (which is not feasible with other cards). ACA620 is 100% PCMCIA compatible.

Let's get to the point .... To activate the MAPROM function, you need the ACATUNE program (downloadable and not supplied in the package), which allows you to set other functions, but not all managed by the card itself (I refer you to the manufacturer for the details).

We activate MAPROM with the command "acatune maprom *", in this way you will load the KICK of the machine in RAM, and if it is true that the increase in terms of CLOCK is ridiculous (in fact MAPROM is not needed for overclocking), you will notice instead a significant increase of the hard disk (as in the attached photo) and I assure you that you realize it (we are talking about 50%).

The card has other modifiable functions, but nothing particularly interesting to optimize its performance, reading in the manufacturer's data sheet, you will notice that for stability reasons, several functions have been disabled ... Greetings to all, no useless DIRECTINES and use the bedroom for more ...



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