AMIGA 600 ACA620 e pcmcia friendly

AMIGA 600 ACA620 is pcmcia friendly.
I had already checked this condition, but following a post on Retroacademy, I wanted to double check!
ACA620 (out of production) is a RAM + CPU 020 card for Amiga 600, you can check the features online. The purpose of this short article is to confirm the possibility of using the PCMCIA even with the maximum memory available on that card (10.8MByte)!
There are several cards for both A1200 and A600 and it is known the incompatibility of many cards with the PCMCIA exceeding 4 MB, ACA620 maintains this compatibility even with the maximum RAM activated ... The screens show all the RAM as it is view from SYSINFO (the CHIP does not count, we are talking about extended, low, etc. ..) Here are some screens!



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