Amiga 500 DUAL LED Keyboard MOD!

If, like me, you have purchased an internal accelerator card for A500 (in my case a Wicher), you will probably need to install an LED to display the "movement" of the HD (or CF that is) during startup, as wait for it the car starts, without directions, it is not very pleasant ...
This simple modification allows you to divide the LED Floppy circuit of the 500, in order to insert two SEPARATE LEDs (rectangular type), which will connect in the respective control circuits. The gem is the lid made in 3D, almost identical to the original that will close everything, thus leaving a clean job.

First of all, disassemble the keyboard, it is not necessary to completely remove the circuit, just remove the support screws so that you can easily turn the circuit as needed ... Once you have identified the tracks relating to the FLOPPY LED, you have to cut as shown in the photo the central track and make a bridge towards the ground as shown in the photo. In this way you have brought ground to the FLOPPY led, but you have isolated / obtained the points to connect the HD LED (coming from the Wicher board in this specific case).

You just have to position the LEDs with their cap to size, which will have to touch the slot of the CASE without going out more than necessary. Place some darkening material between the power LED and the new hdd / floppy, as the power would excessively illuminate the new LEDs, compromising the visual effect.


The Shark!


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