Adattatore PAD MEGADRIVE to Commodore C64/Amiga

For those who wish to use the MEGADRIVE joypad in complete safety rather than the classic joystick on Commodore 64 or Amiga, we recommend this adapter that sees the Sega Megadrive joypad as the protagonist.

The basic idea is described in the Commodore World periodical, Issue 5 Volume I number 5, on page 45.

Although the Megadrive joypad is compatible on a "physical" level (ie it uses a DB9 connector), this controller is slightly different from the "Atari Joystick" on an electrical level. These differences (although conflicting opinions are heard around), lie in the fact that some keys on the keyboard may not respond "correctly" when a Sega Mega Drive joypad is connected to a Commodore 64; or the CIA chip of our dear Amiga, "could" be damaged.

Once the adapter is assembled, the button B of the joypad is used as the fire button, it is also possible, through a series of jumpers, to configure the use of the C button as the second fire button (for games that support the two buttons ). It is also possible to customize the mapping of all buttons, for example replace UP, with the C key for games like WONDERBOY (jump while running by pressing only the key).

Below is the link to the OpenC64MegadrivePadAdapter project page where you will find all the details.

Dani Hibari

P.S. For those wishing to make a simpler version of the adapter, with 4 1N34A germanium diodes, a few cables, a base and two DB9 ports, they can make the "basic" adapter (which does not include the key mapping) described in the Commodore World periodical, Issue 5 Volume I number 5, on page 45.


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